Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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- An education expert conducts consultations related to education abroad. During consultations, the wishes of parents and students are listened to, their academic indicators are reviewed, and based on these indicators, universities of the respective countries are offered to them. Depending on the student's specialty, our consultant provides the parent and student universities with high ratings in that specialty.

- Depending on the specialty the student wants to study, assistance is provided in connection with studies at universities in Europe, America, Canada, Turkey, and several other countries. If the student wishes, he can be guided and assisted in the matters of applying to universities, writing a letter of motivation, and preparing for interviews.

- The letter of motivation should be written according to the requirements of each university. Before the letter of motivation is written, a meeting is held with the student and he is given directions. The motivation letter should be prepared by the student himself and should only be addressed to the consultant for editing.

- English classes are organized in our center 6 days a week. Group lessons are held 2 times a week, and individual lessons are held according to the person's choice. Before participating in English language courses, the student's English language level is checked and placed in appropriate groups. The price of group lessons is 150 AZN for every 8 lessons. The price of private “General English” lessons is 50 AZN for 1 hour.

- English lessons are taught by professional teachers. Each teacher holds several language certificates. Each of our teachers received their education in different foreign countries.

- Level exams are organized at the end of every month and the English language level of the student who wants to participate in the classes is determined by our teachers. After the level test, students who want to participate in English language courses are placed in groups accordingly.

- "Cambridge" educational program is used. Different methodical tools are used according to the English language level of students in each group.

- Anyone over 6 years old can participate in our classes.

- A maximum of 6 students can participate in group classes.

- Conversations are organized once a week on weekends. Students of different age groups can participate in organized conversations. The participation fee for the conversation is 5 AZN for students of the center, and 10 AZN for other students.

- IELTS lessons are conducted by professional and certified teachers of the center. Classes are held 2 times a week and are taught to students using approved methodological tools. The price of IELTS lessons in a group is 250 AZN for 8 lessons. The payment for individual lessons varies according to the individual's language level. You can contact our center for more information about IELTS classes.

- Students preparing for the IELTS exams can check their knowledge in the "listening", "reading", "writing" and "speaking" categories by participating in the mock exams organized by BEIC. Mock exams help students to de-stress and be more prepared for the upcoming exam. You can contact our center to register for mock exams and get more information.

- SAT lessons are taught by professional teachers. Classes are held twice a week. Mathematics and English categories can be chosen separately or together. Preparation for each category is 350 AZN. Nevertheless, if the students of our center choose training in both categories, the payment is not 700 AZN, but 600 AZN.

- Summer and winter schools are organized both in Azerbaijan and England. Announcements for summer and winter schools are shared 4 months in advance on the social media accounts of our center. The age limit is determined by each program. Information about registration and payment for summer and winter schools can be obtained by approaching our center. The summer and winter schools organized in Azerbaijan are organized in Gusar and play a very important role in interactively improving the participants' English language knowledge and skills. Summer school programs in England change every year and it is very useful for participants to improve their various skills in that environment.

- Our center is not only engaged in traditional English language teaching. Events on various topics are organized in our center every month. Speakers selected based on the themes of the event share their knowledge and experience with the participants and reinforce the knowledge taught through practical exercises. Information about the organized events is regularly shared on BEIC's social media acco