Have You ever had a dream for Your child to study in summer but in the way he loves it?

BEIC gives You such chance!

We are happy to offer You opportunity to send Your child to a summer school.

You may have  a question “what is summer school?” Summer school (or summer university) is a school, or a program generally sponsored by a high school, college, university or private company, that provides lessons and activities during the summer vacation. Participation in summer schools has been shown to have substantial beneficial effects on educational progress.

We are working with several summer schools and one of them is Millfield summer school. Millfield School is one of the UK's most advanced campuses, located in Somerset, and consists of three campuses. This school goes beyond the standard English + excursions program, giving students more opportunities. On the school territory, there are many facilities, which are available for students: from the professional horse-breeding center to the Olympic swimming pool, the theater with a great scene, the art-painting center, the studio for making movies, football, basketball courts. The student chooses any of these Academy Options to suit his / her own interests, and he / she is professionally involved in the school.

Present Your child an unforgettable summer!