Would you like to get quality education abroad? The BEIC is the right place for you!

BEIC has more than 20 years of experience, consulting high school and university students, professionals, parents. The number of advisees throughout these years is in the thousands.

The approach to the clients is professional, unbiased and supportive.

The process starts with the initial meeting during which general information about counseling services is given to the clients, information about student’s academic goals, country and university preference, financial situation, qualities is gathered.   

This information is assessed and necessary recommendations on tests preparation and taking , school/college/university choice, application process and timing are given. Suggestions are made on the plan that should be followed during preparation and application period.

The application forms and essays are reviewed, all necessary support is provided at every stage of application process and documents submission until final enrollment decision.

BEIC provides pre-departure orientation session and support during visa application process for every single student.

BEIC sustains relations with the students and parents during student’s study abroad and provides necessary support (if needed).