BEIC arrange regular presentations one-two times a month and workshops several times a year.

These events are free, open for public, and promoted through BEIC website, Facebook page and BEIC announcement boards.

By attending the numerous presentations and workshops organized by BEIC you can find out about the scholarship opportunities in and outside Azerbaijan, how to apply universities abroad,  how to secure financial assistance to get education in other countries, how to write a Statement of Purpose (Essay) and Academic and Career CVs, receive tips on Educational and Professional Interviews, and get answers to  your questions regardingeducation  abroad.

Examples of the presentations:

  • Presentation for new-comers
  • Scholarship Opportunities in Azerbaijan
  • If you want to study in the USA
  • Graduate study in the US
  • Financial Aid for study in Europe
  • How to write college admission Essay?
  • Writing Statement of Purpose for Master study
  • Academic and Career CVs and cover letters
  • Passing university interviews
  • Employment interviews
  • Others depending on the inquires

BEIC workshops are usually half-day and are primarily devoted to writing Essays, Statement of Purpose, Motivation Letter for high school, undergraduate and graduate students. New - two days workshop on Presenation Skills!