What are BEIC clubs? - For those who are interested in the question:

If you plan for your child to study abroad in the future, if you want to see them independent and literate, then you shouldn’t  be satisfied only with English and subject knowledge.

Our observations show that our students are very strong academically, most of them have high results in IELTS, SAT and other such tests. However, there is a lot of knowledge and skills that for some reason parents do not take it seriously or do not notice.

The clubs we will organize are designed to increase students' outlook and intellectual development. These clubs will be held in the form of interactive lessons, and each meeting will cover an interesting and topical issue. Classes will be conducted not only by our teaching staff, but also by invited experts.

In these clubs, students will learn writing, speaking, communication ethics, participate in debates, gain knowledge of art, music, science, international law, politics and other topics, learn self-presentation, reasoning, interviewing and debating, and participate in intellectual games.

We will have a series of meetings about our country, Azerbaijan.

And, of course, since all classes are conducted in English, it is important that students are at least intermediate level.

A separate announcement will be made on the topic of each meeting.